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The Hey Murder

At a time where there are few possibilities, is fantasy a real gift. Two guys decide to go deeper in their own fantasy and start to play Detectives. They are part of their own story. A Story about crime... its gonna be a hard case. Let the game start

Tags : comedy crime

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Tags : comedie policier



Hi there! We are two Storyteller from Cologne, Germany. We both went to the same actor school and have the same passion for creative projects. Enrico work in front and behind the camera. Simon work as an Actor and Designer. We both love making movies, playing on stage and tell our stories.


Thats easy :) Because of the pandemic and the rules that goes belong with that we're made anything by ourselves. Just Enrico Ledzinski and Simon Awiszio. There were a few Problems, specially when we both was in the frame. But it was fun.

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3 hours ago
Didier Paradis
About « je suis l'ennui »

“J’ai adoré. Merci pour ce beau court métrage.”

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3 hours ago
Didier Paradis
About « CALL »

“Quel maîtrise, le jeu, la lumière, le rythme, l’ambiance, tout est parfaitement...”

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3 hours ago
Didier Paradis
About « Lou »

“Très belle interprétation tout en subtilité. Bravo à tous.”

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3 hours ago
Didier Paradis
About « Un Jeu de dupes »

“Superbement tendre. Bravo à toute l’équipe.”

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3 hours ago
Didier Paradis

“Superbement réalisé et interprété. Bravo à toute l’équipe.”

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17 hours ago
Nohann Brador
About « GRAFFITI »

“braveau a vous”

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20 hours ago
Kamal Rawas
About « le bon rôle »

“Top, bravo !”

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22 hours ago
Marie-Line Baritaud
About « Cash for life »


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a day ago
Christophe Desgouttes
About « Deep blue »

“very thank's Patrick!”

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a day ago
Photo Aveyron - Franck Tourneret
About « Fier de toi mon fils »

“Un kourmé qui nous met en tension très rapidement. L'aboutissement aurait pu êt...”

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